Key products:

 Process Instrumentation ; including Compression Fittings , Instrument Valves & Manifolds, High

Pressure Regulator & Fittings , Pressure /Temperature Gauges, Solenoid Valves and Pneumatic

Accessories etc.

 Valves – Process ; Including Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Butter_y Valves, Check Valves etc., from sizes 1/4”

to 44” in Steel, Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys. Electro–Pneumatic Actuators, Mono_ange & Pro Blocks

Double Block and Bleed, Branch Connection etc.

 Pipe & Tube ; 1/8” to 56” in Steel, Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys.

 Seamless & Welded Casing, Tubing, Screens in Carbon, Alloy, Stainless & CRA Steels

 Seamless and Welded Boiler Tubes and piping components in Carbon, Alloy and Stainless steel

 Seamless and Welded Stainless Steel Tubes for Re_nery & Petrochemicals

 Fin Tubes, U-Bends, Special Forging and Castings

 High Alloy Centrifugal cast heat resistant Reformer Tubes and complete assemblies

 Hollow Sections and Precision Tubes for various _elds

 Boiler special Rods & Flats in all sizes

 ERW Boiler Tubes/Air Heater Tubes as per BS 3059 & BS 1775.

 Fittings ; (Threaded, Weld Connections and Compression) in Steel, Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys.

 Flanges ; 1/2” to 56” in all variations in Steel, Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys. Full line of Flanges

including of Forged, all types: ANSI, API, BS, DIN, MSS, AWWA.

 Filtration System Solutions ; Fuel Filters/ Water Separators, Filter Vessels, Jet Fuel.

 Coalecers, Process Filtration & Separation, FDA grade Cartridges, Compressed Air & Gas Filtration, High

Pressure for CNG ,Hydraulic & Lube Filtration, Portable O_ine Filtration system, Flow, Pressure &

Temprature Sensors .

 Filters ; A full line of Filters including In-Line, Air, Oil, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic, Liquid, Waste water, Water,

Chemical, Automotive, Sand, bag, Cartridge, Active, Carbon Removal, Ceramic, Coalescing,

Compressed Air, Continuous, Cooling System, Dust, Felt, Oil Mist, Disc, Drum, Foam etc.

 Fluid Connectors & Hoses : A full range of Hydraulic, Industrial ,High pressure and Thermoplastic

Hoses. Hose Cutting, Crimping, Cleaning and other accessories. Flare less 37degree Fittings, Quick

Couplers and Cam/Groove, combination Nipples etc.

 Flow, Measurement, Protection & Accessory equipments ; Full line of Transmitters, Positioners,

Calibrators, Gauges, Transducers, Indicators, Sensors, Flow meters, Liquid Level instruments, Analyzers,

Accelerometers, Flow Monitors, Excess Flow Valves, Regulators, Condensate Pots, Sampling Cylinders, Air

distribution Manifolds, Gauge Siphons, Gauge Snubbers, Probes, Ori_ce Plates, Level Switches.

 Compressors, Winches, Oscilloscopes, Voltage Sources, Clock gauges, Noise Level meters, Doppler Flow

meters, Deadweight testers, Standard test gauges etc.

 Nuts and Bolts ; Full range of Nuts & Bolts.

 Gaskets ; Full range of Gaskets.

 Industrial Tools

 Safety Equipment, Solvents, Adhesives etc.

 Chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitors etc.

 Services ; We have the expertise to program and install the variable speed drives /PLCs / Power and

Control panels /motors / instrumentations /electri_cation.

With worldwide contacts and sources of supply the combination of excellent Pricing, Deliveries, Quality &

Customer Service are at a premium. We hope to build a lasting relationship with you.

Sun Technical, the house of engineering products for Oil & Gas Industry,
Petrochemical Industry, Power

Generation, Food & Beverage Processing, OEM, CNG/NGV,
Medical, Water Treatment, Scienti_c, Manufacturing

Industry, Automotive, Marine (Onshore & O_shore) has built
an enviable reputation by serving

demanding clientele requirement in Middle East. Sun Technical is renowned not only for its unmatched

services, profound knowledge & expertise but also for its
quality products, timely deliveries Technical

support and having inventories for standard products with
warehousing facilities. Considering growing

demand of our services Sun Technical has expanded its operation In UAE, “Suntech” is a group of professionals

specialized in the supply and selection of Hook up Material,
Instrumentation, Valves, Fittings, Tools

and Accessories. We represent a wide Range of
manufacturers/suppliers pertaining to Control & Instrumentation

Industry, thereby catering almost complete range of engineering
products that are consumed in

various market segments.

Our Mission Statement:

“To aggressively grow our business and be the supplier of
choice by drawing on the creativity, expertise

and dedication of the Suntech-Team. We are committed to the path of continual improvement in

service and innovation and recognize our success is achieved
only as a result of making our customers


Our aim is to provide:

 Quality products at
competitive prices  Innovative solutions

 Technical knowledge  Great Service